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REIKI LEVEL I - Saturday March 4, 2017

Learn to heal yourself, friends & family....

Reiki is an ancient system of energy healing. It is the practice of channeling natural universal energy through the practitioner into the recipient. The purpose of Reiki is to assist the recipient’s own healing process. Through this method a recipient may unblock “stuck” energy and return to a more balanced, whole state. Reiki works at the core emotional and energetic level to assist healing.

Anyone with a genuine desire can learn Reiki for self-healing or as a way to offer healing to others. To become a Reiki practitioner requires receiving what is called an “attunement” from a teacher who has already received the attunements and training. Both Reiki attunements and trainings are easy, intriguing, and fun to experience.

In Reiki I you learn:

  •     About the nature of energy healing & the mechanics of Reiki
  •     History and Ethics of Reiki
  •     An Overview of Energy/energy body/chakras
  •     Hand positions for self-healing treatments
  •     Hand positions for full treatment with others

You receive:

  •     A Reiki Level I attunement
  •     A full Reiki treatment
  •     Reiki I Manual and Certification upon completion

Please bring

1) A light lunch, snacks and beverages to last the day

2) Dress for comfort including thick socks and bring slippers

Saturday March 4, 2017  10:00am-6:00pm  $169.00
ONLINE REGISTRATION: Click here to pay now

About your Reiki Master:  Michele Granberg, MA, is an experienced Reiki healer/teacher who has been practicing for over 16 years and teaching for over 13years. She offers both individual treatments and small group trainings.  You may inquire about bringing a Reiki training to your organization, group or company. Visit



"I had the great pleasure of completing Reiki Level I Certification with Michele Granberg in January 2015.  It truly was an incredible life changing experience. It opened my eyes and heart to the endless healing possibilities of Reiki for healing myself and others. The group healing experience was truly magical, I could feel the energy in the room and the healing taking place. I truly feel changed and more at peace after attending the class, I look forward to attending the additional Reiki levels of  training and I highly recommend Michele as a Reiki Master & Teacher." .... Natalie M. Coniglio, Hamilton NJ


Additional Info

  • Instructor: Michele Granberg, MA, Reiki Master & Teacher
  • Dates: Sunday March 4, 2017
  • Time: 10:00am-6:00pm
  • Cost: $169.00