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Healing Journey with the Didgeridoo - Saturday December 3

   Journey through the chakras - A Journey with the Didgeridoo & more

Join Lang, Gazel and Andor at the Plainsboro Center of Relaxation and Healing for a "Sound Journey Through The Chakras," with the didgeridoo and other drone instruments. Let their sounds guide you and evoke the inner healing energies of your chakras.  Chakras are energy centers of the body that hold an imprint of our physical, emotional and spiritual states of being. If the flow of energy is blocked by individual traits or habits, it is possible to locate these areas and revitalize them. There are seven major chakras, each resonating to vibrations which can be tuned and aligned by the didgeridoo or other one-tone instruments.  The seven chakras, their properties and our approach will be explained in the introduction to the workshop.

The Aboriginal people from Australia use the didgeridoo, a long hollow wooden pipe, for sound healing. Learning to play and use the didgeridoo we have discovered its beneficial effects on the chakras and overall human health by integrating body, mind and emotions. To express the different features of the chakras, we also include a number of instruments used by other cultures in sound healing ceremonies, such as Indian Tanpura, Brazilian Cuica, Tibetan Singing Bowls, Thai Gongs and Mayan Animal Flutes. Let the ancient sounds of these instruments ground and guide you in this sound meditation, as we move along the chakras. Wear comfortable clothes, to feel at ease during the meditation.

Lang and Gazel are massage therapists, licensed in the state of New York, healers and practitioners of Eden Energy Medicine. They are also artists and musicians, well-rounded in acoustic instruments and improvisation. They have been using the didgeridoo in their awareness and wellness practice for many years. They handcraft their didgeridoos and customize their tuning. A selection of these instruments will be used in this workshop!  

Andor is a multimedia artist, and musician. He has a cross-cultural collection of musical instruments. Among them are various one-tone or drone devices that generate 
a sustained tone as foundation for sounds or melodies played above at a higher pitch. But these fundamentals contain many harmonics and overtones that can be evoked and directed. In this process interference and beat frequencies emerge that create resonances intensifying and inspiring the body/mind experience of sound vibrations.

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Additional Info

  • Instructor: Lang & Gazel
  • Date: Saturday, 03 December 2016
  • Time: 6:00-8:30pm
  • Cost: $32.00