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Let's look at your Aura - What is your Energy trying to tell you - Sunday November 6

Your energy is electromagnetic, changing continually with your experience and as unique as your voice or thumbprint. This subtle electromagnetic energy surrounding your body reacts moment-to-moment with thoughts, feelings, words, desires, your dreams as well as physical and emotional interactions.  Your subtle energy is connected to your endocrine system and is the reason MRI’s, CAT scans and other electromagnetic testing work. Let's explore how the psychodynamics of your energy can help you move forward instead of sabotaging you. 

This workshop will Explore…

·       What happens if your Aura collapses?

·       Can stressful situations create auric holes that allow vital energy to leak out?

·       Is it really possible for someone to steal your energy?

·       How can you protect your energy in today’s chaotic environment?

·       How do the psychodynamics of each chakra center impact daily life?

 ·       How can you expand, strengthen, clear and nourish these sacred energy centers?

Elsie has been teaching mind~body self-empowering practices for the over 22 years. She has completed certification programs and study intensives with well-known authors and teachers in the mind~body field including Donna Eden and Barbara Brennan.

REGISTER BY MAIL $35 (or $45 to receive NCTMB CE's for massage therapists) payable to Center for R&H to 666 Plainsboro Rd Suite 635, Plainsboro NJ 08536


Additional Info

  • Instructor: Elsie Kerns
  • Date: Sunday, 06 November 2016
  • Time: 10:00am-1:00pm
  • Cost: $35.00 or $45.00