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Introduction to Dowsing - Sunday November 13

What is Dowsing? How can I use Dowsing every day?

Dowsing is a form of Divination or connecting with the Divine for answers and guidance or to find the source of energy blocks or disturbances.  Dowsing has been around since the beginning of time, and is a magnificent practice to retrieve information from the universe. Learn how you can use this technique to help you

*make better decisions    *maintain your health and well-being

*identify the best foods and exercises  *find a spiritual path  *understand yourself better

**Dclear negative energy disturbances in your space

*achieve better balance in your personal energetic fields

 Join us and be amazed at the many practical applications for this spiritual tool

Franca Giuliani specializes in Feng Shui, Energy Clearing, Organizing, and 9 Star Ki. She has been practicing for over 10 years and is a graduate of the Feng Shui Alliance School (formerly in NJ) and the Feng Shui Society of the United Kingdom Accredited Practitioner Training Course (Belgium). Franca is also the Student Advisor for the New York Institute of Art and Design (NYIAD) Feng Shui Interior Design Course. She is a member of The American Society of Dowsers and International Feng Shui Guild.

Mailing registration check, $40.00 payable to Center for R & H, 666 Plainsboro Rd, Ste 635, Bldg 600, Plainsboro NJ 08536


Additional Info

  • Instructor: Franca Giuliani
  • Date: Sunday, 13 November 2016
  • Time: 2:00-4:15pm
  • Cost: $40.00