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Discovering your Intention Lecture & Book Signing - Sunday October 9

Join certified Reiki Master Teacher Jeff Carpenter for a workshop introducing his book "Discovering Intention: A Sensitive’s Guide to the Engineering Mind." Jeff will present experiences and events during the beginning of his spiritual journey from the technical point of view of an aerospace engineer (yes, he actually IS a rocket scientist!) and a global IT communications director. He is uniquely positioned to provide this workshop because of his extensive background in engineering and technology, illustrating how many of the well-known laws of energy behavior in the physical world do apply to our connections and work with Spirit. With his perspectives on energy sensitivity, he will also share several of his experiences as a paranormal investigator, providing examples of evidence collected in a variety of reportedly haunted locations. His book will be available for purchase after the lecture, so reserve YOUR spot today!


Biography:  Jeffrey P. Carpenter, Owner & Reiki Master Teacher, Dimensions Reiki LLC®, Jeff has been officially attuned as a Reiki practitioner since 2013. While he is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, his approach to working with Spirit has evolved from his technical expertise in both aerospace engineering and in global IT communications. In addition to his Reiki Master attunements, Jeff also holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Aerospace Engineering and a Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering. He has spent most of his adult life working as a subject matter expert in global-scale IT communications, yet he was encouraged to share his knowledge and healing abilities when he finally embraced his connections with Spirit. His amazing experiences led him to found Dimensions Reiki, providing Reiki energy therapy services and Reiki student training in both New Jersey and Arizona.  During his continuing evolution, Jeff is also a developing psychic medium, working in both evidential and spirit release mediumship. He joined the paranormal investigations group Sister Paranormal Investigators (SPI) whose main office is in Tombstone, Arizona. He helped to create SPI East to expand the number of locations for SPI to investigate to the eastern United States.

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Additional Info

  • Instructor: Jeff Carpenter
  • Date: Sunday, 09 October 2016
  • Time: 2:00-4:00pm
  • Cost: Free - please RSVP