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Private Sessions with Mary & Gary O'Brien channeling DZAR - Thursday October 20

Are you looking for a deeper understanding of your life?

Are you ready to move beyond blockages and limitations?

Are you ready to live your life as the person you know you are deep down but find it difficult to be all of the time?

Private Readings with DZAR will help you to do just this as you engage in your own personal conversation with this compassionate Energy from All That Is and work with them to create profound changes in your life.

As DZAR says…“In your individual sessions, we have an expanded Frequency Conversation with you in which we listen to your words and your Energy. We begin by describing your Energy and because Energy reflects Energy, Young Ones, so much is revealed and understood in just that piece. We then work with you to change your Energy during the session so that you can more clearly feel your Light and the Beauty that you truly are.  We give you Practices to use to build on the changes we begin together. For it is indeed like a mini-course created just for you. Its power is not simply that you are speaking to us, the power is that you have made the decision to reconnect to your Light and that you are ready to begin to live without a past. This is why you are talking to us, even though initially you may think it is about problems you are experiencing. In the end they all come back to you connecting with your Light and the eternal Essence of you that you truly are and not to the you that you think you are because of the experiences from your past."

Cost:  $155.00 for approximately 1 hour.  Scheduling & prepayment required - to automatically schedule your time and payment directly please click here 

Additional Info

  • Instructor: Mary & Gary O'Brien
  • Date: Thursday, 20 October 2016
  • Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Cost: $155.00 for one hour session includes recording