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Align your Purpose Program - Saturday & Sunday October 29 & 30

 The Align Your Purpose (AYP) Program

Facilitated by: Kenneth Pollin - NES Practitioner, Evidential Medium

2 Day Align Your Purpose Program - Saturday 9:00am-4:00pmSunday 9:00am-4:00pm

This 18 Step Align Your Purpose Program has been designed as a stand alone course and also has been integrated with a trained practitioner who is able to use NES Health's Provision software to identify where you are, recommend exactly which lesson will be most effective for you right now and guide you towards making better life choices.

At the completion of the 2 Day workshop you will recieve access to the stand alone online course which includes 18 videos, 18 companion lessons, guided meditations and exercises. When you engage in the program, you’ll journey deeper with Richard BransonGregg Braden,Jack CanfieldBarbara Marx Hubbard, and all our visionaries as each one helps you to activate the key steps in the process.

The idea behind Choice Point is that we can choose which road to travel down with informed intention, rather than random luck.

The Choice Point (AYP) Program helps you to:

  • Accurately predict ideal conditions under which your business, idea or financial goals willsucceed

  • Maintain confidence, calm and clarity for important decisions, even when you’re in the chaos of crisis or a whirlwind of emotions

  • Identify your core purpose and understand how to begin living it immediately

  • Experience a renewed vitality and zest for life because you’re doing what you love on a daily basis

  • Dramatically alter the course of your life

  • Spark change and inspire others, creating ripples that will affect greater amounts of people., whether or not you consider yourself a leader right now


Ultimately there is virtually no universal difference between the top billionaires, leaders and visionaries of our world… and all of us. Many of these leaders and visionaries failed in school, possess learning disabilities, came from humble beginnings or suffered horrific circumstances or decisions in their past.

Yet for each and every one, you can see a defining moment in their lives when, nearly overnight, they lept forward into new ways of being, with almost miraculous circumstances compelling them forward into their dreams and desires.

What happened? What was the key difference between their success, and others who have been left to experience failure the rest of their lives?

The key difference is they learned how to identify and make different choices during moments that mattered most in their lives-their Choice Points. They simply chose to align with external forces that served them, rather than align with forces that hurt them.



  • First, you will develop the ability to forecast and identify your greatest moments of opportunity. This involves understanding patterns and the nature of cycles – from the very large global or universal cycles down to the smallest. Because whether you realize it or not, these patterns and cycles affect your life direction and ability to fulfill your purpose as much as your own personal cycles and patterns (though we’ll address those too!).



  • Second, you’ll want to discover your core purpose (which can evolve and change over time) and then identify the larger natural and social patterns that best support that purpose, so that you can then align with those patterns. This way they work for you, rather than against you. It’s like hitching yourself to a shooting star that will land you in the new world and life experience you desire.

  • When you harness your choice points by intentionally engaging these two phases of alignment, you can truly unlock the energy and wisdom you need to create and attain everything you have ever wanted in your life – success, happiness, wealth, spiritual awakening, transformation, and even global change through your own hands…

REGISTER BY MAIL $200.00 payable to Ken Pollin to Center for R&H, 666 Plainsboro Rd Suite 634, Plainsboro NJ 08536


Additional Info

  • Instructor: Kenneth Pollin
  • Date: Saturday, 29 October 2016
  • Time: 9:00am-4:00pm
  • Cost: $100.00 for both days