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Star of Life Healing & Readings - Private Intuitive Sessions with Tina & Billy - Sunday September 11


Star of Life Healing & Readings - One Hour Sessions


These are extremely powerful PRIVATE sessions with Billy and Tina that are a healing session AND a reading!  In these sessions they balance the masculine and feminine energies within, and release trauma from all lifetimes to open you up to your true gifts. These sessions work with the Angelic Soul Star Council, the Angelic Beings, Ascended Masters and Celestial Guardians that they work with.  They channel their healing energy that works on a deep cellular level in order to help you clear and balance Karma, release old patterns and blocks from your energy field, and open up and awaken you to your path and purpose so you can be more in alignment with your Soul and why you incarnated at this particular time.  


These sessions combine Egyptian healing rods, Crystals, sacred symbols, Past Life healing, hands on healing, and whatever other methods that they are led to based on their healing backgrounds.  In your reading they pull cards, and answer your questions, and everything from mediumship could occur, past lives be revealed, and specific guidance and counseling to support you right now! These sessions will not only release karma but will re-unite you with your Soul’s purpose.


Billy Rotkamp and Tina Bertoli recently completed a spiritual pilgrimage to the holy Ancient land of Egypt which opened them up in ways that are still being revealed to them and developing each and every day. At each temple they received downloads, healing, messages, insight, guidance and direction for not only themselves but all others in need. As they speak of their experiences they transmit the healing energy, the wisdom, and light to all listening. Visit their web site here.

REGISTER BY MAIL once your session time has been confirmed, please mail $222.00 payable to Tina Marie Bertoli to 666 Plainsboro Rd Suite 635 Plainsboro NJ 08536
Please include name and contact info with payment. Thank you.
or CONTACT US TO pay by credit card

Additional Info

  • Instructor: Tina Bertoli & Billy Rotkamp
  • Date: Sunday, 11 September 2016
  • Time: 10:00am-4:30pm
  • Cost: $222.00 for one hour